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6-Piece Creative Cookies Puzzle Cutters

£ 9.99

6 geometric cookie cutters.
Cut, bake, and fit pastry shapes together.
To create pictures and patterns.
Numbers, animals, rockets and more.
Colour-coded instruction cards included .

6-Piece Creative Cookies Puzzle Cutters

Product number: 32618

Kids have probably been told enough times not to play with their food, but with this set of Creative Cookies Puzzle Cutters, that’s exactly what they’re supposed to do…!

What you get

Six brightly coloured cutters made from sturdy plastic in the following shapes:

  • 4 right-angle triangles – various sizes, from the smallest green one to the largest blue one.
  • 1 square – in red.
  • 1 lozenge or parallelogram – in magenta.

Once you’ve helped them cut out and bake a batch of geometric pastry shapes or cookies, you’ll find lots of different designs on the 20 instruction cards inside – all they need to do is position their shapes next to each other to make the same image. The aim of the game? To make the shapes shown on the cards as quickly as possible. And once they’ve had enough of playing with them, everyone gets to eat them. Yum.

Up to 9.5cm.


  • Dishwasher safe

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