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6 If You Care Compostable Parchment Roasting Bags

£ 6.99

6 large non-stick parchment roasting bags. Compostable, unbleached & chroline-free. Oven safe to 220 Celsius.

6 If You Care Compostable Parchment Roasting Bags

Product number: 26359

Say goodbye to plastic roasting bags that can’t be recycled. Say hello to these If You Care Parchment Roasting Bags which can break down on your compost heap when you’ve finished with them. Ideal for roasting meat, fish and vegetables with no greasing or basting necessary, these non-stick bags are unbleached and chlorine-free and are the only non-stick parchment roasting bags you can buy.

Roast easy

Simple to use, just place a bag seam-side up on your roasting tin and put your food and any marinades or sauces in the centre. Carefully roll up the end of the bag to seal, and cook in the oven at up to 220°C – your food will come out beautifully tender and moist, with all the flavour from the juices retained. Just cut open the bag to remove your food.

You can also use these versatile bags in your microwave.


FSC-certified, unbleached and totally chlorine-free, these all-natural greaseproof paper bags are completely compostable.

Handy tips

The seam is designed to let steam out during cooking and isn’t leakproof, so don’t overfill the bag with liquid. After cooking, make a delicious gravy by simply adding liquid and cornflour to the juices at the bottom of the bag. Or make a ‘one-pot meal’ by roasting vegetables, such as onions, potatoes or carrots, with your meat or fish.

About the ‘If You Care’ range

The If You Care brand started with unbleached coffee filters in 1990, moved on to unbleached baking parchment, and now they make a wide range of environmentally friendly kitchen and household products… Helping those of us who are trying to minimise humanity’s effect on the natural world look after our families and our homes without damaging the world around us. Even their packaging is 100% recyclable!
36 x 26.5 x 9.5cm H.


  • Metal utensil friendly
  • Oven safe
  • Freezer safe

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