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4 Grippaz Nitrile Multipurpose Gloves Large

£ 0.49

Large size reusable multi-use gloves.
Textured areas give a better grip.
Smaller size also available.
Pack of 4.

4 Grippaz Nitrile Multipurpose Gloves Large

Product number: 46341

Grippy, ambidextrous and long-lasting, you (and our colleagues) have really taken to the big packs of these bright orange Large Grippaz Gloves – but we’re aware that sometimes you only want a few, so we’ve brought in this pack of four to help out. Ideal for stashing in the shed, greenhouse, motor home or caravan, they’re brilliant for all sorts of tasks… Not just for the washing up.

They feature a textured surface on the palm which makes them a little bit grippy – perfect when you’re washing up delicate glasses or the best crockery which can otherwise get a bit slippery in the sink amongst all those soapy suds.

A great addition to any cleaning kit, these handy multipurpose gloves are suitable for all types of household chores from cleaning and food preparation to DIY and pet grooming – in fact any task which requires gloves. They’re latex free, so ideal for anyone who’s allergic to latex, food safe and also bleach and chemical resistant, so whatever cleaning you’re doing, you can rest assured your hands are protected.

And finally, because they’re ambidextrous, they’ll fit whichever hand you put them on and, even better, when that annoying little hole eventually develops in one, you don’t need to replace them both, thus saving money and reducing waste.

Pack of 4. Size large.


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