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3 Unbleached Cotton Net Food Produce Bags

£ 9.99

Banish your single use plastic bags with these 3 reusable drawstring bags. Perfect for fruit and veg. Unbleached cotton mesh allows air circulation. 29 x 32cm.

3 Unbleached Cotton Net Food Produce Bags

Product number: 26472

We know you’re trying to help banish single-use plastic bags from your home and the planet, so here’s a trio of Reusable Drawstring Cotton Net Produce Bags that can help. Better for the environment than flimsy plastic bags, and far stronger than the thin brown paper bags that some supermarkets offer, these unbleached, organic cotton net bags are sure to become your go-to ‘bags for life’ for fruit and vegetables.


Because they’re made from a soft cotton net, it’s obvious that air can pass through – but the great advantage is that this eliminates condensation, so veggies won’t go soggy if you don’t unbag them the instant you get home.

Drawstring fastening

Each bag has a strong drawstring cord to stop your apples, oranges or carrots escaping on the checkout conveyor belt.

Large side label

If your local supermarket follows the continental custom of asking you to weigh and label produce before you get to the till, the generously sized label sewn into the side seam gives you a flat surface to stick the printed label to, enabling the barcode to be scanned with ease.


If they get a bit grubby after carrying root veggies back from the farmer’s market, they’re easy to wash by hand, and just need to be pulled back into shape before being left to dry.

Product dimensions

29 x 32cm.


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