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20 Soft Grip Clothes Pegs Dusk

£ 5.99

20 grey, pink, blue and aqua pegs.
Keep a firm hold on laundry.
Won’t leave annoying marks.
Ideal for delicate clothing and wool.
Waterproof and rustproof.

20 Soft Grip Clothes Pegs Dusk

Product number: 46139

While many clothes pegs leave indentations on your laundry – marks that even a good ironing won’t budge – our Soft Grip Clothes Pegs Dusk leave no trace behind. Strong yet gentle, these pretty pegs, inspired by the colours of twilight skies, hold on tight to your clothes but will make those irritating imprints a thing of the past. They’re a long-standing favourite with customers and we’re sure that, once you’ve tried them, you’ll never use anything else.

What makes Soft Grip Pegs so special?

Cushioned grips

Good news for your clothes, these pegs have been designed with special cushioned grips that hold on tightly yet gently to your laundry and won’t leave marks, even on your more delicate items. And they’ll stay put on your washing line too – if it starts to get a bit gusty, they won’t slide along the line or spring off, so you won’t come back to find your clean washing all over the garden.

Strong springs

They have strong rustproof springs which can be flexed thousands of times without weakening, ensuring that they hold on to everything from jumpers to jeans to duvets and towels securely. And because they’re waterproof too, Soft Grip Clothes Pegs can happily be left out in all weathers between laundry days as they won’t get brittle like some ordinary plastic or wooden pegs.

Non-slip ridges

It’s a small detail but an important one. The addition of raised non-slip ridges at the ends makes it easier to get a grip on these clothes pegs when you’re hanging out the laundry or taking it down once dry.

And don’t forget, they’re covered by our 3-year guarantee.

Pack of 20.


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