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20 Easy Grip Storm Pegs

£ 4.93

Made with 99% recycled content these innovative pegs are not only exceptionally easy to take on and off, but are incredibly strong.

20 Easy Grip Storm Pegs

Product number: 53213

Conventional clothes pegs can sometimes be tricky to attach to your washing line, especially if the spring is tight. These Easy Grip Storm Pegs feature a clever 3-pronged design which simply pushes down onto your clothes for a really secure grip that will withstand the gustiest of drying days. And, when your washing is dry, they simply and easily pull off.

Bright and breeze-resistant

In a mixed pack of vibrant blue and green, each peg has three ‘legs’ that overlap your washing and the line – the two outer legs on one side, the inner leg on the other – to create a tight, secure grip that stops laundry blowing off the line even when it’s windy. The ridged tab at the top makes it easy to push them over your washing and then pull them off when it’s dry.

Long-lasting and made using recycled material

Fine to leave out on the line, there’s no danger of rusting or breaking springs as these clothes pegs are made (in the UK) from 100% post-consumer waste – so choosing them means you’re helping to keep otherwise ‘waste’ plastic from going to landfill or ending up in the sea.

Not just for clothes

These Easy Grip Pegs can also be used to seal opened packets of dried goods like pasta or coffee, or you could even use one as a money clip or for keeping papers together.

Product dimensions

Each peg 7cm L.


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