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2 Venetian Mask Cookie Cutters

£ 4.99

Pair of mask-shaped biscuit cutters.
Great for Carnevale and Valentine’s Day.
Strongly made from BPA-free plastic.
Use with fondant and sugarpaste too.
Make masks approx. 11 x 6.5cm.

2 Venetian Mask Cookie Cutters

Product number: 32606

It might not be quite the same as visiting Venice, but you can still celebrate Carnevale by attending a masked ball, even if it’s in your own home. And this pair of Venetian Mask Cutters is the perfect place to begin your masked adventures… and to create gorgeous Carnevale-themed cookies for Valentine’s Day too.

Easy to use

Made from durable BPA-free plastic so they won’t distort or rust, the detail lines on the cutters make it easy to create an impressive effect with minimal effort. And you wouldn’t leave a mask in plain biscuit form – where’s the fun in that? – so once your cookies are baked, use the cutters to cut out fondant icing shapes to place on top. Then they’re ready to paint, pipe, dust or decorate to your heart’s brightly coloured, glittery content.

Perfect for parties

Baking and decorating masks is a fun activity for children’s parties as well as adult gatherings. By placing a cake pop stick in the biscuit dough before it fully hardens after baking, you can even hold up your creations like real masks to show everyone your handiwork.

Each cutter approx. 11 x 6.5cm.


  • Dishwasher safe

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