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2 Umbra Peggy Drawer Organisers

£ 19.99

16 removable pegs hold items in place.
Position pegs anywhere on 2 base trays.
For drawers, cupboards, shelves.
Easy to use and set up .
Each tray 45 x 15cm.
5-year manufacturer’s guarantee .

2 Umbra Peggy Drawer Organisers

Product number: 63390

Pots and pans and serving dishes and plastic tubs and lids and cookie cutters (and everything else that makes you sigh at the mess when you open one of your kitchen drawers) have met their match in Umbra’s Peggy Drawer Organiser. With two base trays and 16 pegs that can be positioned, removed and repositioned whenever and wherever you want, it keeps everything firmly in its place. And if you want to store something else or something different, you can just move the pegs around till it’s safely stored too. Brilliant.

No more kitchen cupboard chaos

Storage trays and dividers and organisers don’t work for everything in your kitchen cupboards – there’s always the odd (or odd-shaped) item that resists any attempt to corral it. The beauty of Peggy is that it doesn’t matter what shape or size things are – you can adjust the pegboards to suit them, rather than trying to force them into a space where they just don’t fit.

Easy to set up and use anywhere

It takes seconds to install. You can place the two bases side by side in the bottom of a drawer, use them separately or combine multiple sets in larger cupboards. Each base can be extended by almost another 10cm to ensure a perfect fit, and non-slip feet make sure the bases stay put. Once they’re in place, simply position the pegs to hold the items you want to keep neat and organised. With 108 holes and 16 pegs, there are hundreds of different configurations, so you really can use it to organise pretty much anything you might have in your drawers – or in your cupboards, or on your kitchen shelves.

5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

About Umbra

Coming from the Latin word for ‘shade’, Umbra was founded almost 40 years ago when their Canadian founder Paul Rowan built his own window shade for his flat. Since then, Umbra have developed a multinational team of designers who turn their impressive design nous to all manner of everyday items, offering modern-looking storage and washing-up solutions for all around the home.

Each tray 15cm W., extends from 45 to 54.5cm L. Pegs 10cm H.


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