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2 Reusable Non-Stick Liner Circles 18cm

£ 3.99

2 circular reusable non-stick liners.
Stop cake bases sticking to your tin.
Can be reused hundreds of times.
Dishwasher safe.
Fit 18cm (7") round cake tins.
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2 Reusable Non-Stick Liner Circles 18cm

Product number: 32479

Many a cake has been ruined by a last stubborn bit of mix sticking to the tin – but not any longer. Line the base of your 7″ round cake tin with one of these Reusable Non-Stick Liner Circles and it’ll help your bakes slide out cleanly, leaving no crumb behind – and making decorating them a doddle.

Tough, long-lasting and incredibly non-stick

Made from PTFE-coated fabric, these liners are so non-stick that your cakes will simply glide out of the tin, even if you don’t grease it first. They’re heat-resistant up to an amazing 260°C and – unlike baking parchment – will withstand hundreds of uses, preserving your favourite cake tin as well as keeping your bakes intact.

Perfect for Victoria sandwich cakes

It’s so many people’s favourite go-to bake, so it made sense to us to sell these liners in a pack of two – after all, having just one liner isn’t much use when you’ve got two identical tins to line.

Not magic by name… but magic by nature

If you’re a fan of our Magic Non-Stick Liner, you might think this all looks and sounds a bit familiar… and you’d be right! So many of you have been cutting yours to size to fit your favourite cake tin, we decided to bring in bespoke liners that do just that, so you can save your magic liner sheets for bigger baking trays.

Get the set

If you’re a fan of sticky fruit cakes or rich chocolate gateaux, you’ll want to stop your mix sticking to the sides of the tin too – in which case you’ll need one of our 7″ Cake Tin Liners – Base and Side Walls. And both sets are available in sizes to fit 8″ cake tins too.


18cm Dia.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Oven safe
  • Freezer safe

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