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2 Kanguru Adults Cotton Face Masks

£ 6.99

Pack of 2 adult-sized cotton face masks, made of breathable fabrics, with polka dot stars and pastel blue stripes. Reusable and washable for fantastic value.

2 Kanguru Adults Cotton Face Masks

Product number: 63372

Stars or stripes? In case you can’t decide – there’s one of each in every pack. Protect yourself and your loved ones with this Pack of 2 Reusable Adult-Sized Cotton Face Masks. Made from 100% cotton, each of these two-layered, breathable fabric masks features an attractively printed outer layer and a tightly woven white lining.

Designed to offer full coverage for more protection, it easily covers both your nose and your mouth, comfortably fitting over your face from the bridge of your nose to under your chin. The large elasticated loops on either side are easy to adjust to fit: the first time you try each mask on, work out how long the loops need to be to fit without slipping down – if they’re too big, tie a knot in both sides and then slide the knotted part inside the mask to keep it out of the way.

Made from durable natural cotton, these masks are washable and reusable, so they’re better for the environment too, and there’s space between the inner and outer layers to add an extra filter layer if desired.

Machine washable.

20 x 12.5cm.


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