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2 Joseph Joseph Froach Pods Silicone Egg Rings

£ 11.99

Discover a healthier way to cook fried eggs with Froach Pods! These clever pods fry the bottom of the egg with 95% less oil & steam the top of the egg ! Pack of 2.

2 Joseph Joseph Froach Pods Silicone Egg Rings

Product number: 26315

In the search for healthier ways to cook our favourite foods, the kitchenware team at Joseph Joseph have totally reinvented the fried egg so you can use 95% less fat than traditional shallow frying. This Froach Pod Duo cooks perfectly round eggs, sunny side up – perfect for serving on toasted crumpets or with sausage patties – but they use steam to ‘poach’ the top of the egg, while the base fries in your non-stick frying pan.

How to use a Froach Pod:

  • Rub or brush a little cooking oil around the inner edge of the egg ring.
  • Place in a preheated, non-stick frying pan and crack your egg into the hole at the top.
  • Slowly add water via the reservoir-filling holes beside the handle – 3-5 tbsp is recommended.
  • Leave to cook for 2-3 minutes, then lift away the Froach Pod, serve and enjoy.

Innovative as always, we think Joseph Joseph have excelled themselves with this advance in egg cooking – now we can all enjoy the flavour of a fried egg, with fewer calories to worry our waistlines – plus, there’ll be no pools of cooking fat to be disposed of when it’s time to do the washing up.

Steam cooks the top of each egg

Looking for all the world like a flat-topped silicone cooking ring, with an opening in the centre to drop your egg into, these revolutionary little egg cookers have an easy-lift tab at one side to help you place them in your frying pan and lift them away once the egg is cooked. Next to the handle, there’s an integral ‘reservoir’ compartment to hold the water that creates the steam to cook each egg – the base of the egg cooks as normal on the bottom of your frying pan and the moisture created by the steam helps to prevent it sticking.

Made from silicone, Froach Pods are heat-resistant up to 270°C and can be washed by hand or popped into your dishwasher if you prefer.

Please note: Froach Pods are only suitable for use in non-stick pans. To save energy, the reservoir section is open at the bottom so the water is heated by direct contact with the base of the pan – it cannot be filled in advance of placing the ring into your pan.

About Joseph Joseph

Innovative and practical, the design team at Joseph Joseph are renowned for their skills in adding a little sophistication and fun to the most mundane household helpers. And, no matter what they turn their minds to redesigning, we always wonder ‘why didn’t we think of that?’

Product dimensions

Pack of 2. Makes eggs approx. 8.5cm Dia.


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