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2 in 1 Height Adjustable Cake Carrier Caddy – Round Holds 30cm Cakes

£ 26.99

Large cake caddy for 12" cakes. Height extends to carry taller cakes. Twist to lock into place. Perfect for celebration and birthday cakes. Secure clips at base.

2 in 1 Height Adjustable Cake Carrier Caddy – Round Holds 30cm Cakes

Product number: 73433

If you’ve been struggling to find a cake carrier that’s deep enough to safely transport lovingly-made layer cakes, soaring showstoppers and bumper birthday cakes, this Height Adjustable Cake Caddy is the 2-in-1 problem solver you’ve been looking for.

Height extends for taller cakes

Fancy birthday bakes and deep layer cakes look amazing, but they can be tricky to transport in a standard-sized caddy. Wide enough to carry a 30cm (or 12-inch in old money) cake, this round cake caddy comfortably accommodates a tart, cheesecake or sponge up to 7cm high in its lower height setting, but it’s the clever double decker design that really makes it stand out from the cake carrier crowd. Just twist and lift and the second storey will lock into place, letting you carry cakes that are twice as tall.

Twist to lock into place

Hold the base with one hand, grip the handle and twist to the left to lift up the inner wall of the caddy and make it twice as tall. Twist back to the right to lock the top half firmly in place on the bottom half, and you’re ready to add your cake and go. And when it’s done its job, just twist and lock it back in the lower position to save space in your cupboards.

Perfect for celebration and birthday cakes

If you’re a keen baker who likes to share your creations with family and friends, this carrier is essential for ensuring larger cakes and bakes arrive in just as good condition as when they left your kitchen. Offering a roomy storage and travel space for taller sandwich and tiered bakes, it’s ideal for multi-layer cakes, Black Forest gateaux and any bake that’s finished with fancy or delicate decoration that would only get squashed in a squatter container.

Sturdily made and well designed

Robustly made from BPA-free polypropylene and ABS plastic, this well-thought-out carrier has lots of little design features that make it better for your bake:

  • Secure locking clips on either side.
  • A stepped base for easier slicing.
  • Portion guide on the base.
  • A clear lid that lets you see inside.
  • Large, comfortable carry handle.
  • A slide-open vent at the top to reduce condensation.


  • Freezer safe
  • Non-stick friendly

Product dimensions

Holds cakes up to 30cm Dia. and 14.5cm H. when extended.

36 x 33 x 20.5cm H. when extended (including handle). Reduces to 13.5cm H. for storage.


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