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2 E-cloth Kitchen Cleaning Cloths

£ 9.99

E-Cloth Kitchen Cleaning Cloth Pack. For stainless steel appliances, use a thick microfibre cloth for the initial clean-up & the other for a final mirror-shine polish.

2 E-cloth Kitchen Cleaning Cloths

Product number: 9319

Designed to help you restore the shine to the stainless steel appliances in your kitchen this twin Kitchen Pack from e-cloth gives a smear-free finish without the use of harsh chemicals. Comprising of a larger, thicker-than-average microfibre cloth for an initial clean up, and a smaller e-cloth for a final mirror-shine polish, this pack keeps your kitchen looking its sparkling best with just the need for a bit of water.

About e-cloths

Saving time, money and providing brilliant results, e-cloth’s range of cleaning cloths and solutions are the easy way to clean without the use of chemicals. Using just water, e-cloths are suitable for windows, hard floors and surfaces, making them useful in just about every room in the house.

How e-cloths Work

Densely packing high-quality microfibers, 480,000 fibres per cm² to be exact, the sheer volume of fibres work to effectively break up dust, dirt and grease as you wipe the cloth across the surface, using just water. As these cloths use the highest quality of microfibre fibres, and are specifically chosen for their particular uses, they easily outperform and outlast traditional cloths and others made with lower-quality materials.

Whatever room in the house you are cleaning, e-cloths are the ideal quick, easy and safe cloth to ensure it remains looking pristine for a long time.

Product dimensions

Microfibre cloth 50 x 39cm (19¾” x 15¼”); E-cloth 32cm (12½”) sq.


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