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16cm Three Tier Steamer

£ 38.49

Cook 3 foods at once with this 16cm 3 Tier Steamer. Easily add & remove tiers & check progress with the glass lid. Suitable for all hobs incl. induction. 15 year guarantee.

16cm Three Tier Steamer

Product number: 18673

A good vegetable steamer is an essential for delicious food, and they don’t come much better than this 16cm Three Tier Vegetable Steamer from KitchenCraft.

Steaming your veg, fish, or meat retains more vitamins, minerals, flavour, colour and texture than when you boil it, making it both succulent and nutrient-packed. As well as being able to cope with three different foods at once, each tier of this steamer can be added at a separate stage for different cooking periods, and the vented glass lid makes it easy to ensure everything is going according to plan. With a 16cm diameter, not only is it ideal for fitting in plenty of food for the whole family, but it is easy to store in a cupboard when not in use.

For added convenience, this vegetable steamer is suitable for all hobs, including induction, so will work for you regardless of what hob type you have.

15-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

About KitchenCraft

Founded in 1850 by Thomas Plant as a specialist in ironmongery and metal products, the company was renamed KitchenCraft in the 1990s to better describe the vast array of products now produced. From hot beverages, to baking and food prep, KitchenCraft produce a large line of products designed to both add colour and style to your kitchen, while making your life that little bit easier.

Product dimensions

Bottom Tier –   23cm wide x 17.4cm dia x 9.7cm high (external size) –     15.8cm dia x 9.3cm high (internal size)

Mid/Top Tier –   23cm wide x 17.4cm dia x 8cm high (external size) –       15.8cm dia x 7.8cm high (internal size)

Overall size –    23cm wide x 17.4cm dia x 23.3cm high Lid Size      –     16.4cm dia x 7cm high


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