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10 Hegs Pegs – Clothes Pegs with Hooks – Pastel Blue

£ 5.99

Unique design of clothes peg.
Revolutionise how you hang laundry.
Clothes can be pegged or hooked in place.
Hooks on both sides to maximise line space.
Strong grip stays put come rain, wind or hail.
UV-resistant and shatterproof .

10 Hegs Pegs – Clothes Pegs with Hooks – Pastel Blue

Product number: 53288

It all started in 2012 with a spaghetti strap… Scott Boocock, the Australian designer of the award-winning Hegs Pegs, was hanging out the laundry when he pulled his wife’s little black dress out of the washing basket and was stumped as to the best way to attach it to the line. The straps were too thin to be securely held by the pegs, and if he folded it over the line, it would end up creased with (horrors!) unsightly peg imprints in the fabric. What if – he thought – pegs had hooks as well as grips, and so the ingenious Heg Peg was born.

Unique design

A true innovator, Scott considered every aspect of the humble clothes peg during the design process, identifying and resolving all the usual shortcomings to make Hegs Pegs better, stronger and more functional than all the rest. These pegs open far wider than most, which makes them great for bulky items like coats or bedding and helps them hold fabrics onto the bars of a wooden airer if you’re putting it outside. Rust-resistant stainless steel springs stay strong to maximise the grip, the ergonomic thumb grips make it easy for anyone to use them and then there are the nifty outer hooks…

Dual hooks maximise hanging space

The LBD-inspired dual hooks maximise space by allowing you to peg out up to three garments with every peg to make the most of every drying day – and utilise every inch of your washing line. They’re great for swimsuits, towels, strappy tops and little black dresses alike – and the belt hoops of heavy items such as jeans can be attached to the hooks so they hang flat rather than scrunched to help them dry quicker and minimise ironing.

Grip-Lock system for a strong grip in all weathers

Thanks to the Grip-Lock system, Hegs Pegs hold washing securely in place no matter what the weather and can be set to grip most washing lines at any angle to create tension between pegs on the line – which means you can stretch out fabrics to eliminate wrinkles and reduce your ironing time later on.

UV-resistant and shatterproof

Resistant to UV light (which can make other plastics go brittle and shatter), these polypropylene pegs can cope with being left on the line between wash loads, so they’re always ready for action. And they’re recyclable too – not that we think you’ll be retiring them any time soon!

Featured on Shark Tank Australia (the Aussie version of Dragon’s Den) in 2015 sales soon took off Down Under as more and more people discovered just how effective the Heg Peg is at keeping laundry exactly where it’s supposed to be and we first introduced them to our customers in 2016. Now owned by Christie and Steven Thompson from Adelaide, the company are proud to say they make all Hegs Pegs in Australia where they were first created.

Pack of 10.


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