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10 Bakewell Microwave Bags for Steaming 25 x 30cm

£ 1.48

10 quick-cook perforated bags.
Ideal for vegetables and fish.
Simple to use.
Suitable for reheating.
Keep your microwave clean.
25 x 30cm – 100% recyclable.

10 Bakewell Microwave Bags for Steaming 25 x 30cm

Product number: 26282

Micro-perforated on one side, Bakewell’s Pack of 10 Microwave Cooking Bags is just what you need for steaming fish or vegetables in your microwave oven – and they can even help save up to 10% of cooking time on an already fast way of cooking. There’s room inside each cook-in bag for a generous portion of vegetables, or a few fillets of fish, or you can steam a whole meal inside one of these bags – especially good news for speedy production of late night suppers.

We all know that steaming is a super-healthy way to cook, but doing it on the hob feels like a lot of work – and can result in loads of condensation fogging up your windows – so why not make the most of your microwave and benefit from the speed of this clever cooking method at the same time?

Simple to use

Place a Microwave Steaming Bag onto a microwaveable plate or dish – each one helpfully tells you which side is ‘up’ – pop the ingredients of your meal inside with approximately a teaspoonful of water and seal the bag with one of the ties included in the pack, then microwave as per your food’s cooking instructions, as usual.

Because the bags are only perforated on one side, they’re ideal if you want to rub flavourings into the ingredients before you cook, as nothing can leak out the bottom. Once they’ve had time to absorb the flavours, the bag can go straight from your fridge to the microwave to cook. All the flavours of your food will be held inside the bag and splashes and spatters can’t mess up the inside of your microwave oven – a brilliant (and fast) method of cooking with minimal clean-up required… What more can you ask?

When the timer pings, give it half a minute or two to let the steam cool a fraction before you open the bag – your deliciously healthy, steamed dish should be ready to serve and enjoy.

Suitable for reheating

Of course, we all love our microwaves for reheating leftovers, and these clever bags can help with that too. Just pop a bowlful of food inside the bag – with the perforations at the top, of course – seal it with a tie and heat for the usual time.

Bakewell have included a range of helpful timing tips on the back of the pack (based on an 850W microwave) and their website and social media pages offer recipe inspiration too.

100% recyclable PET – naturally BPA free.

Includes 10 non-wired ties, suitable for use in microwave ovens.

Bakewell Oven Bags for Roasting also available in three sizes – Medium, Large, Extra Large.
Made in the UK.

About Bakewell

Cooking up solutions from their base in Bedford since 1975, Bakewell are proud to make a range of cooking essentials designed to help you make good quality, healthy food in a fuss-free way for yourself and the whole family, and help keep your kitchen sparkly clean at the same time.


  • Metal utensil friendly
  • Freezer safe
  • Microwave safe

Product dimensions

Pack of 10. 25 x 30cm.


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